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27 may. 2016

Firefox control on steroids [Firefox + Ratpoison + Mozrepl]

I'm not going to lie to you, what you're about to read is so cool you might want to buy me a cup of coffee and hug me.

Controlling all sort of stuff with Ratpoison, as you can see in my previous posts, is pretty neat and you can extend it to control your browser as well.

These are the current capabilities:

Every command start with the Ratpoison prefix + 'f' like so:

C-t f

**Command**     **Action**

    f           Facebook
    y           Youtube
    r           Reddit
    g           Github
    o           Open a new tab
    w           Open a new window
    s           Search for the current content in the clipboard
    /           Jump to the tab with url mathing a user input
    l           Open a new tab with the lyrics of the currenlty playing song (mpd)

22 may. 2016

A better and prettier mysql/mariadb CLI client

The default, unconfigured CLI client you use with mysql or mariadb is kind of awful, no colors, pretty bad query editing capabilities, and the output is not paged so you can't see a shit. Lets improve the experience.


Start by creating a configuration file ~/.my.cnf with the following content:


user = alx

Automatically prompt a password for your user, avoid giving --user option each time


Stop making annoying noises god dammit!


Is easy to type ^C by accident, don't kill the session!