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24 jun. 2016

Seamlessly Vim-Tmux-WindowManager-Monitor navigator

This Thoughtbot post describes how to make Vim and Tmux work together in Harmony based on this crhistoomey plugin, allowing you to traverse both your Vim and Tmux windows and panes respectively.

Having the ability to traverse Vim and Tmux splits without having to think about it using ctrl-h, ctrl-j, ctrl-k, ctrl-l is fantastic! But I still had an annoyance source from the window manager (Ratpoison) and the multi monitor setup.

So I took the same concept and extend it to those uses cases, so now I use ctrl-h, ctrl-j, ctrl-k, ctrl-l to move through my Window Manager splits, my Tmux panes, my Vim windows and my Monitors with minimum mental overhead. Here is how.

Some of the scripts are a bit of complex, so instead of explaining them in detail the general algorithm is described.

19 jun. 2016

How to write C in 2016

Matt wrote a very interesting and totally recommended post about how to C (as of 2016).

Keith Thompson wrote later a very detailed and rather useful critique with some extra notes about Matt's post.
Go a head and read both articles right now!

Here I would like to point out some things about tooling.