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20 abr. 2016

The Python Paradox is backwards

Paul Graham wrote a great short article back in 2004 called The Python Paradox where he states that if you look for python programmers you will end up with the best ones. The logic behind this is as follows:

Python is an esoteric language that universities and schools don't teach, so people that knows python are self thought, they know that their python skills wouldn't get them a better job so they do it for fun only; Considering that learning a new programming language can not be precisely a trivial task and that python knowledge wouldn't rank you higher for hiring we can infer that it takes a really passionate person, a hacker, to learn and use python.

That was very true 12 years ago, but now almost every single school and university not only teaches python, but use it as the primary language, and even as the only language!. Nowadays even some non technical schools teaches programming as a form of introducing their students to computers-logical thinking and they all use python precisely because of its simplicity; They even tend to over simplify an already simple language so their less clever students can catch it with ease.