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22 may. 2016

A better and prettier mysql/mariadb CLI client

The default, unconfigured CLI client you use with mysql or mariadb is kind of awful, no colors, pretty bad query editing capabilities, and the output is not paged so you can't see a shit. Lets improve the experience.


Start by creating a configuration file ~/.my.cnf with the following content:


user = alx

Automatically prompt a password for your user, avoid giving --user option each time


Stop making annoying noises god dammit!


Is easy to type ^C by accident, don't kill the session!


If the output is wider than the screen the output will look like shit, this fix it


 Because, indeed, I am a dummy

you want completion, don't you?


Prompt & color

pager = "ccze -A | less -RSFXin"

Ok this is nice!, it will page your output using less only if the output won't fit your screen. Also colorize it using ccze (which can make it a little slower in some situations, so beware)

prompt="\n[\d]   (╯°□°)╯- ┻━┻    "

Show me the current database and use the drop table donger as the prompt (╯°□°)╯- ┻━┻ .... Drop table... Get it :D ?
You might want to configure ccze as well with the ~/.ccze file:

numbers green
size yellow 



The cli client uses readline so lets configure it to get vi like bindings by creating a ~/.inputrc file with the content:

$if mysql
    set editing-mode vi

Pretty straight forward, just use vi editing mode for mysql

You can get all the configure files from my dotfiles: