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11 nov. 2015

Fight Flash Fraud (F3): Auto reset hardware

F3 is an amazing alternative to h2testw that allows you to probe a USB flash drive to find out if it has less capacity than it claims.

There is a LOT of fake USB flash drives in Ebay and other stores; When you use them they appear to be storing all your data, but when you try to retrieve it, much of it is just lost.

f3probe is part of F3 and will probe the USB flash drive for you and tell you if it is a fake and how much real memory does it have, but there is a hint: it requires you to physically disconnect and reconnect the drive manually which slows down the hole process and becomes tedious if you need to probe more than one drive. Here is the solution: a piece of hardware that f3probe will use to automatically connect and reconnect you USB drive without your intervention.