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6 nov. 2015

Ratpoison: Miscellaneous

This is the fifth post about the Ratpoison window manager.

These are a few extra things i use in Ratpoison to make my life more comfortable that can fit in a single post, so here you go.

Ratpoison: Task Warrior Control

This is the fourth post about the Ratpoison window manager.

When managing tasks there is no better interface than task warrior CLI, thats for sure, but sometimes having a few-strokes-interface for listing the current tasks or adding a new simple one comes in handy.

Lets use ratpoison goodies for this.

4 nov. 2015

Ratpoison: E.T. phone home

This is the third post about the Ratpoison window manager.

This one is no a productivity improvement, nor a do-more-with-less feature, but a playful way to achieve a pretty common task: SSH to my home lab.

Remember that scene in E.T. in which he says: "ET phone home" and points with his finger to the sky? Well...

2 nov. 2015

Ratpoison: Clipboard Stack

This is the second post about the Ratpoison window manager.

 How many times did you found your self keeping snippets of text in a text editor just so you can use them later because your clipboard will be overwrited with the new selection?

Here is a very neat solution using ratpoison: a clipboard stack.

Using xclip, a simple shell script and the appropriate ratpoison key bindings we could accomplish the following:

Note that C-t is the default Ratpoison escape sequence.