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6 mar. 2015

Vim vs Awk

What!? Vim is a text editor and Awk a text processing scripting language, how do you even compare them!?

Yes, I'm aware of it... but trust me I have something to compare here, so take a breath and continue reading...
What I'm actually trying to compare here is vim scripting vs awk, still don't make sense? Well lets take a look of this.

Study case: Vinfo

Vinfo is a Vim plugin that allows you to read Info documentation files right in a vim session by converting the Info plain text files into Vim help-files so you get a nice syntax highlighting and very convenient tags for jump between the file contents. Lets examine how it does its job.

2 mar. 2015

Vinfo: alternative to GNU Info documentation reader

The traditional GNU Info program has a 'vi mode', but lets face it, it is just not good enough; it's very limited and ugly.

There are good alternatives though, as Pinfo but is still not comfortable enough and lacking most of the Vim power.

There is where Vinfo comes in to allow reading Info documentation in Vim so we have all the power we need to read and explore in such a comfortable way and with the beauty and power off Vim help-files.

Vinfo is a Vim plugin so you can use it right inside a Vim session or from your shell using the appropriate shell script for trigger it.

Found how here:

Here is how it looks like running: