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20 feb. 2015

VIM: Jump to next/previous help-file tags fast

Quick Vim tip:

Every Vimmer, 'advanced' or 'noob', cannot live without Vim help mechanism and help-files, we all know that. But there is a useful functionality that vim does not offer to us while reading its documentation: Jump between tags!

Vim files are full of Tags that act as hyperlinks between different parts in one or multiple help-files, but moving trough tags/links should be faster and here is how:

When the cursor is on a tag one can follow it with ctrl-] but we need the cursor there in the first place. So lets use ]g and [g for jumping to next and previous tag respectively adding this to your vimrc:

nmap [g <Plug>HelpTagPrevious
nmap ]g <Plug>HelpTagNext

nnoremap <silent> <Plug>HelpTagPrevious :call <SID>HelpTag(1)<CR>
nnoremap <silent> <Plug>HelpTagNext     :call <SID>HelpTag(0)<CR>

function! s:HelpTag(reverse)
  call search('|\S\+|', a:reverse ? 'bW' : 'W')

PD: Why ]g and [g ?
   - So we avoid conflict with other mappings (like unimpaired plugin)
   - Keeps relation with tags as g] is a built-in Vim command