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17 dic. 2015

Migrating GNU/Linux installation to a SSD / Migrando instalación GNU/Linux a un SSD



I recently bought a 120GB SSD (yes, a small one) to replace the 500GB HDD in my laptop so i can benefit from the extra speed and just keep my bulk data in the old HDD.

Once you're new SSD arrives you are probably very exited, you want that speed up for your system. BUT! you don't want to reinstall your whole system on it, you want to preserve it right?. Ok let's do so.

11 nov. 2015

Fight Flash Fraud (F3): Auto reset hardware

F3 is an amazing alternative to h2testw that allows you to probe a USB flash drive to find out if it has less capacity than it claims.

There is a LOT of fake USB flash drives in Ebay and other stores; When you use them they appear to be storing all your data, but when you try to retrieve it, much of it is just lost.

f3probe is part of F3 and will probe the USB flash drive for you and tell you if it is a fake and how much real memory does it have, but there is a hint: it requires you to physically disconnect and reconnect the drive manually which slows down the hole process and becomes tedious if you need to probe more than one drive. Here is the solution: a piece of hardware that f3probe will use to automatically connect and reconnect you USB drive without your intervention.

6 nov. 2015

Ratpoison: Miscellaneous

This is the fifth post about the Ratpoison window manager.

These are a few extra things i use in Ratpoison to make my life more comfortable that can fit in a single post, so here you go.

Ratpoison: Task Warrior Control

This is the fourth post about the Ratpoison window manager.

When managing tasks there is no better interface than task warrior CLI, thats for sure, but sometimes having a few-strokes-interface for listing the current tasks or adding a new simple one comes in handy.

Lets use ratpoison goodies for this.

4 nov. 2015

Ratpoison: E.T. phone home

This is the third post about the Ratpoison window manager.

This one is no a productivity improvement, nor a do-more-with-less feature, but a playful way to achieve a pretty common task: SSH to my home lab.

Remember that scene in E.T. in which he says: "ET phone home" and points with his finger to the sky? Well...

2 nov. 2015

Ratpoison: Clipboard Stack

This is the second post about the Ratpoison window manager.

 How many times did you found your self keeping snippets of text in a text editor just so you can use them later because your clipboard will be overwrited with the new selection?

Here is a very neat solution using ratpoison: a clipboard stack.

Using xclip, a simple shell script and the appropriate ratpoison key bindings we could accomplish the following:

Note that C-t is the default Ratpoison escape sequence.

23 oct. 2015

Ratpoison: Music control

This is the first of a series of posts about the Ratpoison window manager.

Ratpoison comes with great flexibility and allows us to do pretty amazing things binding custom keys and running external programs and scripts; I'm going to talk about some of the ones i use in the next posts. For the first one, lets talk about music.

Some people use a graphical music player like Amarok or just play some Youtube videos, others prefer text players like MOC or CMUS, but we can reach the top of flexibility using a music daemon like MPD and use our preferred client (MPC, Ncmpcpp, Vimpc). All this options have somthing in common: you usually interact with an interface you have to switch to, interrupting your work flow in order to control your music, but we can do better.

6 mar. 2015

Vim vs Awk

What!? Vim is a text editor and Awk a text processing scripting language, how do you even compare them!?

Yes, I'm aware of it... but trust me I have something to compare here, so take a breath and continue reading...
What I'm actually trying to compare here is vim scripting vs awk, still don't make sense? Well lets take a look of this.

Study case: Vinfo

Vinfo is a Vim plugin that allows you to read Info documentation files right in a vim session by converting the Info plain text files into Vim help-files so you get a nice syntax highlighting and very convenient tags for jump between the file contents. Lets examine how it does its job.

2 mar. 2015

Vinfo: alternative to GNU Info documentation reader

The traditional GNU Info program has a 'vi mode', but lets face it, it is just not good enough; it's very limited and ugly.

There are good alternatives though, as Pinfo but is still not comfortable enough and lacking most of the Vim power.

There is where Vinfo comes in to allow reading Info documentation in Vim so we have all the power we need to read and explore in such a comfortable way and with the beauty and power off Vim help-files.

Vinfo is a Vim plugin so you can use it right inside a Vim session or from your shell using the appropriate shell script for trigger it.

Found how here:

Here is how it looks like running:

20 feb. 2015

VIM: Jump to next/previous help-file tags fast

Quick Vim tip:

Every Vimmer, 'advanced' or 'noob', cannot live without Vim help mechanism and help-files, we all know that. But there is a useful functionality that vim does not offer to us while reading its documentation: Jump between tags!

Vim files are full of Tags that act as hyperlinks between different parts in one or multiple help-files, but moving trough tags/links should be faster and here is how:

20 ene. 2015

Cherry MX switch Paper Craft

Los interruptores de la compañía "Cherry" son por lejos los más populares y usados entre los entusiastas de los teclados mecánicos. Ofrecen una variedad de propiedades táctiles y audibles que no decepcionan a quienes saben que la comodidad y placer de usar su teclado lo es todo.

Muchas personas usan uno de estos como llavero, o incluso dibujos de ellos como fondo de pantalla; y es que hay muchos verdaderos fans de estos pequeños dispositivos fabulosos.

Evidentemente soy uno de ellos, por esto y por un momento de aburrimiento decidí intentar hacer una plantilla de paper craft que pretendo usar como adorno en mi escritorio si queda lo suficientemente bonito. El paper craft en cuestión